fRITZ bEER & The Peruvian Pipe Bombs

About This Album
Before I get accused of appropriating language and/or accents, remember, my father was an immigrant from Peru, and while he lived in the US for over 60 years, he never lost his strong accent and remained a Big Ole Latino his entire life.

This album is dedicated to my Father, and in these songs I sing (or speak) in his voice. This is how my father spoke to me and my brother and sister. We would often imitate him to each other - poking fun, sort of, but appreciating uniqness too. In any case, it was the vernacular of our house.

In these songs I try to relate conversations, attitudes, phrases  and stories that my father imparted to me. I try to relate his accent, his manner of speaking, and hopefully some of the mysterious Spanish wisdom derived from simple phrases in a romantic language. I always loved my fathers stories. Turning them into songs, be they goofy, fun or sometimes serious, seemed like a good tribute. I hope you enjoy it!